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Hikaru · no · Go · Rating

Hand of God~

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Name: Tara
Nickname: Yzak
Age: 20

Likes: Gundam SEED, Yzak Jule, Dearka/Yzak, drawing, writing, roleplaying.
Dislikes: Canon whores, elitests, people who can't let things go.
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, roleplaying, video games.
Talents: Usually my hunches about things (eg: people talking about me) come out right. Also am a good judge of character.
Goals: I'm really not sure. I just want to be happy, and not poor.
What do you feel is your best quality? Why?: I'm nice, good to get along with, and I don't do anything to betray my friends.
Your worst? Why?: Sometimes too squicky over things, sometimes feel a little too bitchy/complainy. D:
What's your favorite quote? Why?: I've never been good at quotes cause I can never think of one.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?: My current living situation. Cause I'm not too happy in it.
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Why?: Smarter leaders, cause we need them now.

Why do you like the anime/manga Hikaru no Go?: I'm.. really NOT a person who goes for series based on something around a sport of game, but I dunno. HnG grabbed me. The game Go is interesting, but there's also awesome characters in it with depth and growth through the series.
Who is your favourite character? Why? (You won't be judged on this): Akira Toya.
Who is your least favourite character? Why?: I never disliked anyone.
What's your favourite pairing? Why?: Not into pairings outside of my own fandom. So I'm completely open to everything I know people ship in this fandom.
What's your least favourite pairing? Why?: See above.
If you got to choose a character in the show to be for 24 hours, who would it be? Why?: I dunno really. Hikaru would be intesresting, but Toya and Sai even moreso because I'd want to get into their minds more.

How did you find this community?: In a rating mood, so I went to search around for more of them.
Anything else?: Not really.
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calm calm
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