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Name:</b> Kati
Nickname: Aimeara
Age: 16

Likes: Butterflies, cats, music, drawing, reading (mostly horror/mystery novels), shounen-ai, cleansing puffs, boardgames (go+kyoudai mahjong)
Dislikes: Being ignored, being underestimated (especially when it comes to my speed and strenght. >_<)
Hobbies: Swimming+tennis+biking, singing, photography, cooking, collecting fans (preferably japanese with kanjis or mythic creatures~), lots of other random stuff since I like to test out different things
Talents: Making quick moves, noticing even the smallest differences in things if I'm paying attention
Goals: World domination~! .. going/moving to Japan, collecting the biggest collection of fans in the world. >0<
What do you feel is your best quality? Why?: Hmm.. I'm optimistic and I don't give up easily, since I feel that everything will surely be alright.
Your worst? Why?: I'm bad at giving compliments. XD; they usually sound like sarcasm even if I'm not trying to make it sound like that.
What's your favorite quote? Why?: "Speaking is not communication". I'm not sure why I like it so much, but it probably has something to do with that how I like to hug people instead of saying "I like you/I'm sorry/Everything will be alright" and such. ^^; I don't really like talking (about feelings mostly) irl, and I think there's better ways to communicate than speaking.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?: I'd like to be less shy. Sometimes I don't talk with people because I'm afraid of messing up - I get nervous, and since I start to idolize people easily, I start thinking that they're so much better than me that I'm not even allowed to talk with them casually. I want to be brave.
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Why?: .. I wish that people would finally realize that they should all be friends with each other instead of fighting about stupid little things. I'd make them stop arguing about everything. x_x

Why do you like the anime/manga Hikaru no Go?: It's interesting~ I like go as a game, so of course reading manga about it is a lot of fun, and I like the characters. ^^
Who is your favourite character? Why? (You won't be judged on this): .. it's a tie between Hikaru and Sai. XD Hikaru is so amusing in his own dorky way, and Sai is just interesting with his ancient knowledge about stuff and such. Mitani is adorable too~.
Who is your least favourite character? Why?: I don't think I have one. :0 I've read only the three first volumes so far, which means that I don't even know all that many characters yet.. so far there hasn't been anyone who I'd even dislike. *shrug*
What's your favourite pairing? Why?: AkiraxHikaru. I love Akira's stalkerism. XD
What's your least favourite pairing? Why?: don't have one~
If you got to choose a character in the show to be for 24 hours, who would it be? Why?: HIKARU. I've always wondered what it'd be like to have someone entirely else in my head, as in being with Sai would be cool~. Plus I could play go against pretty much anyone. >D

How did you find this community?: Emm.. I think the link was in tenipuri-rating comm's affiliates-list.
Anything else?: Err.. Well, I'm still pretty new to HikaGo, so I really wish that if you're going to rate me as someone who appears later in the manga/anime, could you please explain a bit about that what kind of person that someone is. ^^; I know *some* of those characters that come later, but not everyone, so it'd be nice to know just who I'm being compared to. That's all, I think~.
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On March 21st, 2006 11:50 pm (UTC), michirukaiou commented:
Hm... you're the most like Tsutsui, I think. Some parts of the application that made me decide on him were:

- dislikes being ignored, being underestimated
- "noticing even the smallest differences in things if I'm paying attention" (Tsutsui also seems to be very observant.)
- "I'm optimistic and I don't give up easily"
- "I'd like to be less shy..."
- "I wish that people would finally realize that they should all be friends with each other instead of fighting about stupid little things." (Sounds like something he might think.)

(There are some things about you, though, that seem more like Hikaru, I think. Such as the fact that you're not very good at communicating your feelings, that you're not good at giving compliments, and also the fact that you are an optimistic person.)
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