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Name: Cris
Nickname: I've had many over the years... but I think my favorite one is "Zelda", even if I have no idea how I acquired it.
Age: 23 

Uh... anime, Harry Potter, reading everything I can get my hands on (but mostly fantasy, mystery, and manga), writing stuff, yaoi, yuri, photography, girls, sleeping in and staying up (really) late, music (just about anything except country, rap, and death metal), scrapbooking, and video games.
Dislikes: Stupid people, waking up early, red meat, homophobes (of course, this would go under the "stupid people" category, but nevermind), being the center of attention, things that make me uncomfortable (I could probably write a book with that list)...
Hobbies: I have no life. No really, I don't. I work, I write sometimes, I fool around on the computer and on the Playstation... and every once in a while will paste up a scrapbook page. I'm too lazy for a hobby.
Talents: Writing (sometimes), burning food
Goals: College, career (something to do with writing), get out of my dead end job and do something useful with myself, write a book
What do you feel is your best quality? Why?: I can get along with anybody. Even if it's just on the surface.
Your worst? Why?: I give in too easily to my fears. THEY run my life, not me, and... yeah, I need to stop that.
What's your favorite quote? Why?: "Don't knock on Death's door and run. Death hates that." .....I don't know who said it, I just find it incredibly amusing. 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?:
I'd be more determined. I'm WAY too lazy for my own good, and I get discouraged too easily.
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Why?: All the fighting needs to stop. 

Why do you like the anime/manga Hikaru no Go?:
Okay, I'll be honest here- I was scared when I was watching the first episode. Like an "Ohmygod, what are these people ON?!" kind of scared. ...but it was the characters that drew me in and kept me watching. I like how everybody grows throughout the series, physically and mentally. Oh, and the music is great.
Who is your favourite character? Why? (You won't be judged on this): Waya. He is definitely the coolest. He's just... way too adorable, and I love his outlook on things. He's a little fireball ^_^
Who is your least favourite character? Why?: Ochi. He is a brat. I always find myself scowling whenever I see him. Akari comes in as a close second, because she just irritates me.
What's your favourite pairing? Why?: Hikaru/Akira! They're so cute together. And they're SO obviously crushing on each other it's not even funny. I seriously want to lock them in a room until they confess to each other or start making out or something.
What's your least favourite pairing? Why?: Ochi/Anybody. Just... eew. Or Hikaru/Akari. Double eew.
If you got to choose a character in the show to be for 24 hours, who would it be? Why?: Sai. Definitely Sai. I'd love to be able to see what he sees... his extensive knowledge of Go, and his innocence about the present day world... it just seems like it would be an interesting experience. And fun!

How did you find this community?:
I was wandering around trying to find a Hikago comm... I came across this and thought it would be amusing ^_^
Anything else?: Nope, I think I'm all set. Thanks for reading!
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Ash - Gackt
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On May 20th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC), appaku commented:
I see Mitani in your application!
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